January Program

History of Trane’s TRACE Software
Presenter: John Sustar

Join us this month for a history lesson from our chapter’s own historian.  John will be giving this presentation at the ASHRAE winter conference in Orlando, so please join us for a sneak peek without the hassle of traveling to Florida. 

 The HVAC design and analysis computer program, dubbed as Trane Air Conditioning Economics (TRACE™), revolutionized the way design engineers evaluated loads and energy consumption for various building types and systems. Conceived in 1971, the program offered combined analysis of energy consumption and life cycle costs with simple and easy to understand inputs. The first version of TRACE required paper manuals to be mailed to Trane headquarters in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where the mainframe computer ran the simulation using punched cards. The entire process of mailing in the inputs and waiting for the outputs could take a couple of weeks. As computer technology advanced in the 1970s, users could utilize their personal computers (PCs) instead of paper manuals to enter the program’s inputs and then electronically transfer the inputs to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Eventually, in the late 1980s, users were able run TRACE simulations on their own PCs. Today, TRACE is going through another major transformation by utilizing a 3D visual interface and the Department of Energy’s EnergyPlus calculation engine.

About the Presenter

John Sustar has been in the building sector industry since 2006. His areas of expertise include HVAC technologies and energy analysis software. He is active in the La Crosse Area ASHRAE Chapter- serving as the chapter historian since 2013.  During this time, he has received ASHRAE History Gold Ribbon awards for various topics—including the history of local engineering companies and HVAC technologies. He is currently a chiller product support engineer—providing presales support for large centrifugal chiller installations. Prior to his current role, he developed computer simulation models for energy efficiency studies and provided training in energy modeling software. He received his MS from the University of Colorado-Boulder Building Systems Program and BSEE from the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota).

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Date:     Wednesday January 15th, 2020

Time:    12:00– 1:30 PM

Place: Trane Technology Center (Bldg. 12)

Room 1A/1B

2313 S. 20th Street

La Crosse, WI 54601

Lunch: Bring you lunch (optional)

Cost:   Free