Lee Burgett Scholarship

Lee Burgett was an ASHRAE Presidential Member, Fellow, and honored with both the Distinguished and Exceptional Service Awards. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2014 and passed away on December 21, 2014. During his 2005-2006 tenure as ASHRAE President, Lee focused on his theme of “Advancing ASHRAE Technology and Our Future” with emphasis on sustainability, energy conservation, and society growth.  Lee was committed to growing the society and its membership.

As a chapter, we have decided to honor Lee’s commitment to the society by creating a scholarship in his honor. The scholarship will be awarded to an engineering student within our ASHRAE region.

The Lee Burgett Memorial Scholarship was first awarded by our chapter in 2020 after four years of fundraising. Its purpose is to encourage college students to pursue studies that will lead to employment in the heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.

The award is currently $1,500 and payable in the fall semester following the application deadline, which is May 1.

This scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a degree in undergraduate engineering, preferably but not limited to mechanical and architectural engineering, that meets the intended purpose stated above and is selected each year by the La Crosse Area Chapter of ASHRAE. The scholarship is open to graduating High School Seniors interested in pursuing a degree in the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The basic requirements set forth for this scholarship are:

a)            Recipient shall be a full-time student enrolled in a college program leading to a professional degree in a field related to heating, refrigeration or air conditioning.

b)            Scholarship application shall be completed, filled out, and submitted by the specified deadline as instructed on the application.

c)            Candidate shall submit recommendations from two (2) separate full time faculty members or work, internship, or co-op supervisors.

d)            Candidate shall mail or email proof of enrollment in a qualifying college program, the completed application, and faculty/supervisor recommendations to the address on the application form, postmarked or sent by the due date.

It is the intention that this scholarship prioritizes candidates who have graduated from a high school within the geographic boundaries of the La Crosse Area Chapter of ASHRAE and/or attend an approved institution within these boundaries. Eligible candidates who don’t meet either of these geographic criteria shall still be considered.

Please either email the completed application to lacrosseashrae (at) or send to PO Box 549 La Crosse WI 54602